Electronics Simple FM transmitter with 2N3904

Circuit Simple FM transmitter with 2N3904 schematics Circuit Electronics,
simple FM transmitter
In this section discuss about the series of mini fm transmitter, with boadcast coverage of about 300-400 meters. when using a 9 volt working voltage, the transmit power of about 300 meters and when using the working voltage 12 volts, the range of about 400-450 meters, depending on the antenna you use.

This scheme of simple fm transmitter
simple FM transmitter

For L1 and L2 windings 5 times the wrap, you can use a pen to fill melilitnya so neat and after lepaslah content of these pens. C5 is used for placement of broadcasting frequencies, can be tuned between 88-108 mhz, to reach further use steering antenna or Yagi antenna.

Part List
C1 = 0.001uF
C2 = 5.6pF
C3 = 10uF
C4 = 10uF
C5 = 3 - 18pF Adjustable capacitor
R1 = 270R
R2 = 4.7K
R3 = 10K
R4 = 100K
R5 = 4.7K
R6 = 4.7K
Q1 = 2N2222A
Q2 = 2N3904
L1 = 5 turn
L2 = 5 turn

Schematics for Simple FM transmitter with 2N3904 Circuit Electronics
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Electronics 45 W Stereo Tube Amplifier

Circuit 45 W stereo Tube amplifier schematics Circuit Electronics,
Stereo amplifier with Tube
Stereo amplifier is very simple, consisting of 5 active components including the equalizer it. Series stereo amplifier With Tube was prepared with 5 units trioda tube consisting of 1 unit tubes 5Y3 GT vacuum rectifier, 2 tube tube trioda 6SF5 GT high-mu tube 6k6 and 2 units which form the power beam amplifiers.

Power consumption for the circuit with a tube stereo amplifier is not more than 45 Watt. Current consumption for the circuit with a tube stereo amplifier is around 3A. A complete range of stereo amplifiers with this tube can be seen from the following series of images.

Stereo amplifier With Tube

Sign Component stereo amplifier With Tube
  • R1, R10, R13 2.2M
  • R2 470K 1/2W
  • 1 Meg 1/2W R3
  • R4 220K 1/2W
  • R5 330 Ohm 2W
  • R6 220K 1/2W
  • R7 2.2Meg 1/2W
  • R8 1Meg 1/2W
  • R9 720 Ohm 20W
  • R11 33K 1/2W
  • R12 22K 1/2W
  • C1, C9 400V 0.005uF
  • C2 0.05uF 600V
  • C3 20uF 25V
  • C4 0.01uF 400V
  • C5 200uuF 400V
  • C6, C7 15uF 450V
  • C8 15uF 400V
  • T1 117V Primary, Secondary 350VCT, 2 × 6.3V
  • T2 7600 Ohm Primary, Secondary 4 or 8 Ohm
  • SW1 SPST Switch
  • SP1, SP2 12 "4 / 8 ohm
  • C8 in the series stereo tube amplifier with the above serves to reduce radio frequency interference and to optimize the work of a wild series of ampifier stereo with these tubes.

Schematics for 45 W stereo Tube amplifier Circuit Electronics
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Electronics LM317 Simple Audio Amplifier

Circuit LM317 Simple audio amplifier schematics Circuit Electronics,
You most likely know that LM317 IC is applied as an practical provide regulator, but did you know it can be applied as an audio amplifier? This is a Low power Amplifier LM317 Simple audio amplifier Circuit a audio  designed with LM317 that offers a optimum probable 1W audio strength.

LM317 Simple audio amplifier Circuit Diagrams :

LM317 Simple <a href='http://audio.corcuitlab.org' title='audio circuits'>audio</a> <a href='http://www.circuitlab.org/search/label/amplifier' title='amplifier circuits'>amplifier</a> Circuits
LM317 Simple audio amplifier Circuits

Utilization a amazing heatsink for the LM317 IC and modify the 5K various resistor so that you have 4.5V on 10Ω resistor (or LM317 pin 2, Vout).

Schematics for LM317 Simple audio amplifier Circuit Electronics
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Electronics 1500W Stereo Power Amplifier Schematic

Circuit 1500W stereo Power amplifier Schematic schematics Circuit Electronics,
Circuit Power amplifier has a power output of up to 1500W RMS power amplifier circuit is often used to power sound systems keperlun for outdor. In the final image can be seen a series of power amplifiers using 10 sets of power transistors for the ending.

This power amplifier circuit using a transistor amplifier from the front, signal splitter, driver and power amplifier. Current consumption required is quite large power amplifier that is 15-20 A 1500W power amplifier circuits for this. Supply voltage needed by the power of this amplifier is the optimal working order symmetrical 130VDC (130VDC-130VDC ground). 1500W amplifier circuit below is a picture series of mono, stereo if you want to make it necessary to make two copies of the circuit. For more details can be viewed directly image the following 1500W power amplifier circuit.

The series of High Power amplifier 1500W With Transistor

Click Image to view larger

In the above series of power amplifer 1500W is equipped to control a DC Offset function to set the power amplifier is turned on at the moment and with no input signal then the output should be 0VDC. Then also equipped with a flow regulator to the power amplifier bias. Final part of this power amplifier requires adequate cooling to absorb the heat generated. Power amplifier is not equipped with a speaker protector, therefore it is necessary diapsang protector on the speaker output so that when the power amplifier is not the case turned on the beat to the speaker that can damage the speaker.

Schematics for 1500W stereo Power amplifier Schematic Circuit Electronics
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Electronics RF Amplifier circuit with 2SC1970 2N4427

Circuit RF amplifier circuit with 2SC1970 2N4427 schematics Circuit Electronics,
RF power amplifier circuit of this work is based on the transistor 2SC1970 and 2N4427. The set output power of 88-108 MHz FM RF amplifier With 2SC1970 is about 1.3W and the input driver is 30-50mW. RF driver amplifier circuit uses a 2N4427 and its power amplifier using a transistor 2SC1970.

At the time of the amplifier circuit tuning FM 88-108 MHz RF amplifier With 2SC1970 should use the power meter / watt meter or SWR or RF field can also use the meter. RF amplifier circuit can work from the frequency of 88-108 MHz.

RF Amplifier

Circuit of 88-108 MHz FM RF amplifier With RF 2SC1970 can radiate far enough. At the time of tuning you should use a 50 Ohm dummy load. For the input signal should be installed to regulate the VR level so as not to over-modulation (30-50mW).

Schematics for RF amplifier circuit with 2SC1970 2N4427 Circuit Electronics
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