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ScanTool OBD-II Intrepreter Module in a DIP-24 Package
microOBD 200 (#440101) is a complete OBD?II interface in a vibration-resistant DIP-24 module. The only product of its kind, it offers engineers a simple and inexpensive way to add OBD-II support to any embedded project and tap into the wealth of information available on the vehicle’s communication bus. The interface is fully compatible with the popular ELM327 command set and supports all legislated OBD-II communication protocols, as well as the heavy-duty SAE J1939. It features automatic protocol detection, a large memory buffer, a UART interface capable of speeds of up to 10 Mbps, and a bootloader for easy firmware updates. The microOBD draws less than 1 mA in Standby mode, which makes it suitable for permanent in-vehicle installations. The host can force the module to enter the lowpower state by sending it an explicit “sleep” command or pulling the digital “host present” pin low. The module can also put itself in Standby automatically on UART inactivity or by sensing that the engine is off. Typical applications include diagnostic scan tools, code readers, data loggers, digital dashboards, fleet management, and vehicle tracking.

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