Free Book Digital Design by Morris Mano free ebook | Electronic Circuits

Free Book Digital Design by Morris Mano free ebook

This is a free ebook a Digital Design by Morris Mano . The book teaches the basic tools for the design of digital circuits in a clear, easily accessible manner.
This is the bible of digital electronics help full for life time
New to This Edition:

* Nine sections on Verilog Hardware Description Language (HDL) inserted in discrete sections, allowing the material to be covered or skipped as desired. The Verilog HDL presentation is at a suitable level for beginning students who are learning digital circuits for the first time.
* Reorganized material on combinational circuits is now covered in a single chapter.
* The emphasis in the sequential circuits chapters is now on design with D flip-flops instead of JK and SR flip-flops.
* The material on memory and programmable logic is now consolidated in one chapter.
* A Companion Website includes resources for instructors and students such as transparency masters of all figures in the book, all HDL code examples from the book, a Verilog tutorial, tutorials on using the VeriLogger Pro software, and more


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