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Schematics Program for Drawing Analog Meter Scales

A Windows® meterscale drawing program to allow you to design and print professional-quality meter scales on your printer. Nice options include the ability to import a graphic (and resize and place it where you want), make a modern-looking "flattened" scale, use seriff or sans-serif fonts of any size and specify the scale colors.

This meter scale drawing program is designed to have a computer do the hard work in making a precision scale for a d'Arsonval analog meter. The resulting scales will typically be nicer-looking than those found on many commercial meters. Here are the highlights of this Windows program:
  • This program has the uncommon ability to "flatten" the arc a user-selectable amount to make a more modern-appearing scale. This is most usable with the thin "tubular" or "spadeless" style of pointer.
  • The program does dB, vu, VSWR and S-meter scales. Each of those routines has appropriate options for customization.
  • A graphic may be imported and placed on the scale. All the common graphic types (.BMP, .GIF, .ICO and .JPG) are accepted. Width, height and placement can be freely specified.
  • Meter draws up to four scales on a meter face, etc.
Download Program for Drawing Analog Meter Scales, the latest version (2.30)-4 MB
More Detail Program for Drawing Analog Meter Scales

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