Schematic Diagram Lab Power Supply | Electronic Circuits

Schematic Diagram Lab Power Supply

Description and Circuit

Make your own lab power supply complete with adjustable voltage and constant current source.

Using single IC (LM324)

Here is the circuit.

Strip Board Layout.

Part List

1 LM324 Opamp

1 Ammeter 100 µA 1k ohm

1 Voltmeter

6 IN4001

1 Zener Diode 9.1V

1 Full-Wave Bridge Rectifier


2 NPN Transistor, 2N3055

1 NPN Transistor, BC109C

1 Transformer

2 E-Capacitor 2200µF

1 Potentiometer 5k ohm linear

1 Potentiometer 10k ohm linear

1 Resistor 500 ohm

2 Resistor 2.2k ohm

1 Resistor 560 ohm

1 Resistor 6.2k ohm

2 Resistor 68k ohm

1 Resistor 0.22 ohm

4 Resistor 4.7k ohm

Component Image.



Some Pictures.

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