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Schematic Diagram 300W Power Amplifier For Subwoofer

The 300W Amplifier circuit is shown it is a reasonably conventional design. Connections are provided for the Internal SIM, and filtering is provided for RF protection (R1, C2). The input is via a 4.7uF bipolar cap, as this provides lots of capacitance in a small size. Because of the impedance, little or no degradation of sound will be apparent. A polyester cap may be used if you prefer - 1uF with the nominal 22k input impedance will give a -3dB frequency of 7.2Hz, which is quite low enough for any sub.
Rangkaian 300W Power Amplifier For Subwoofer
Continuous power into 8 ohms is typically over 150W (250W for ±70V supplies), and it can be used without additional transistors at full power into an 8 ohm load all day, every day. The additional transistors are only needed if you want to do the same thing into 4 ohms at maximum supply voltage

Although I have shown MJL4281A and MJL4302A output transistors, because they are new most constructors will find that these are not as easy to get as they should be. The alternatives are MJL3281/ MJL1302 or MJL21193/ MJL21194.

Because this amplifier circuit operates in "pure" Class-B (something of a contradiction of terms, I think), the high frequency distortion will be relatively high, and is probably unsuited to high power hi-fi. At the low frequency end of the spectrum, there is lots of negative feedback, and distortion is actually rather good, at about 0.04% up to 1kHz. My initial tests and reports from others indicate that there are no audible artefacts at high frequencies, but the recommendation remains.

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