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Schematics Design And Simulate Circuits Using Proteus PCB

In this post I will tell you about a software that provides you the advanced circuit design and simulation core for your home use or in professional field. Yes, I am telling about the wonderful Proteus software. Proteus is a by product of  labcenter electronics which contains two sub software's in it.

1. ISIS Schematic Capture

This software is for design and simulation of mainly digital circuits. The normal schematic designing using computer can often be the most time consuming element of the exercise. The Proteus ISIS is created for professionals by the following advantages.

  • Runs ON windows Xp and 2K
  • Automatic wire routing and dot placement/removal
  • Easily select components
  • rearrange pin assignments
  • Bill of Materials option
  • One click simulation
  • Netlist outputs to suit all popular PCB layout tools

The Proteus design suite can also be used as a schematic drawing software for documentation also. Did you notice the circuits posted on CircuitSector? The circuits published here was actually designed using proteus. So it can be used as a web publisher for circuit diagrams.

By the way ISIS can be used for analog as well as digital simulation. It is well worked with almost all basic microcontrollers such as 8051 and microprocessors.

2. ARES PCB layout

By the name indicated, this is a powerful PCB layout software called Advanced Routing and Editing Software.This wonderful program offers netlist based PCB design complete with a suite of high performance design automation tools.


  • High speed performance using Hardware acceleration
  • True layer transparency
  • 32 bit high-precision database
  • Integration with ISIS
  • Automatic Back-Annotation of component renumbering, pin-swap and gate-swap changes
  • 2D-drawing with vast symbol library

For students, this software will help you in your studies,how? you can simulate your circuits on Proteus which you tried and failed on your actual electronic circuits lab in collage. So download a virtual electronics lab to your computer now.

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