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Schematics Grid DIP Meter

This circuit was developed by Luigi Falcone, I1FLC. He uses seven plug in coils covering 3.0 to 30Mhz in a Colpitts oscillator circuit. The coaxial socket J2 permits connection to a frequency meter when required. The coils are wound on Teflon formers with two "female" sockets which plug-in to two "male" sockets on the instrument. TR2 forms a DC amplifier permitting the use of a 1mA FSD meter with sensitivity controlled by R7. With TR1 switched off (via S2) the instument forms a field strength meter/ RF sniffer.

It is important that the oscillator components are mounted rigidly and not subject to "hand capacitance effects" in use.

If a somewhat larger value variable capacitor was used with a slow motion drive the number of coils to tune 3 to 30 Mhz could be reduced.

Source: Grid DIP Oscillator (GDO)

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