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Schematics PLL Synthesizer for 150 MHz Local Oscillator

Here's is an oscillator circuit generated by PLL synthesizer for 150 MHz. It can be used for multi channel amateur band receiver. The main parts for this 150 MHz Synthesizer Oscillator is using 2SK241 for oscillator circuit, Motrolla's MC145163 for synthesizer and NEC Pre-scaler uPB565..

 Oscillator Frequency Visual -Spectrum


Using 2SK241 for oscillator circuit and Motrolla's MC145163 for synthesizer.

Pre-scaler uPB565

This is a NEC made pre-scaler usable up to 1 GHz. It has 4 kinds of dividing mode;2, 4, 8, 16. This time selected dividing 4.


This MOT's LSI is very suitable for designing ham rigs' VFO, which has 4 digit BCD preset counters from 3 to 3999. And also there is standard Xtal frequency oscillator and preset dividers. This LSI's input nodes are pull down in the LSI. You should supply 5V level for setting 1.

The maker said that this LSI is usable up to 15MHz input. However this time using at 38 MHz (divided 4 from 154 MHz), and you may supply 8V on the Vcc. I heard that at 8V of Vcc this IC could work up to about 50 MHz input.

PLL Synthesizer Parts List

Source: 150MHz Local Oscillator by Synthesizer

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