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Schematics Motion Sensor For Security Light Using PIR BS1600 PCB

Here's the circuit diagram based on PIR motion sensor module BS1600 (or BS1700) that can be used for security lighting in power saving mode.(If you could not found  one in your local store ,  buy PIR motion sensor online).The special advantage of this motion detector circuit is it doesn't need any transformers in power supply section. The 12V DC required for feeding the motion sensor and driving relay is derived directly from the mains supply.

Circuit Diagram of Motion Sensor For Security Light : Click  to enlarge

Circuit Working

When you power-on the circuit after assembling all the components including the CFL, the CFL will glow for 10 seconds, turn off for 30 seconds, glow for 10 seconds and then turn off.Now the circuit is ready to work.

Any movement across the sensor module is detected, about 3.3V appears across the base of transistor T1 which is the relay driver and it conducts to activate the relay RL1. Now the triac BT136 fires to provide full 230V and light up the tube. If the switch S1 is not in the hold position the CFL will be on about 10 seconds as programmed in the sensor module.

In short

when there is a movement near the sensor, the CFL glows for about ten seconds. It will remain  ‘on’ if switch S1 is in ‘hold’ position.
  • Assemble the circuit on a common PCB enclose within a suitable cabinet.
    Motion detector should be embedded onto the transparent cover of the light assembly

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