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Schematics Touch Sensitive Musical Bell With Timer PCB

This circuit diagram is a UM66 based touch sensitive musical bell. The circuit is built around CMOS IC CD4011 and popular melody generator IC UM66. The circuit contains a pair of touch plates. When these are bridged by hand for a moment, the um66 starts making music. Moreover this circuit has a timer which stops the music automatically after a few seconds. This makes the circuit, an automatic music bell.

Circuit Diagram of  Touch Sensitive Musical Bell With Timer : Right Click >> View Image to view full size

The maximum supply voltage for this circuit is 5Volts dc. However the um66 can not operate beyond 3.3V. So three diodes 1N4148 are connected series to power the music IC UM66 because of the drop of approximately 1.8 volts across them. You should use a voltage regulator 7805 to power this circuit.

Time delay can be changed by adjusting the values of capacitor C1 and resistor R2. You may use a pot to vary R2 to select a defenit timer value.

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