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Electronics TDA2030 complete tone control

Circuit TDA2030 complete tone control schematics Circuit Electronics,
TDA2030 complete tone controlAt this time I present a series of amplifiers that use IC TDA2030, but this series is equipped with a tone control. Tone controls include Bass, Treebel, and Volume. Power amplifier and tone control has been put together in a single PCB.

As well as its equalizer circuit was also used as one with the power amp, and tone control. Making it easier in the installation and will look neat.

Layout PCB

PCB design

This amplifier is a mono amplifier type, can be modif for guitar amplifiers. If not coupled amplifier (mic preamp) then you must deactivated potensio treble and bass, why? because if not using a mic preamp and still maintain potensio treble and bass sound input (input) from the guitar will not or the maximum discharge is not tight on the speakers. So you must deactivated a way to decide which directly connected capacitor with the tone control circuit, and capacitor were connected directly to potensio volume and input jack.

Schematics for TDA2030 complete tone control Circuit Electronics

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