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Electronics Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Circuit Temperature and Humidity sensor schematics Circuit Electronics,
Temperature and humidity

Temperature and humidity sensors used are SHT75. This sensor is a chip that can measure temperature and humidity as well. The use of these sensors with consideration of its small size and reliability. The output of this sensor has the form of digital data in the chip because it has been there for a 14bit ADC.

Temperature measurement range between -40-123,8 º C and humidity between 0-100% Rh. Measurement accuracy reaches ± 0.3 per increase of 25 º C for temperature and ± 1.8% RH for humidity.

Temperature and humidity sensor

The default measurement resolution of this sensor is 14 bits to 12 bits and temperature sensors for humidity sensors, can also use only 12 bit resolution and 8 bits.

Schematics for Temperature and Humidity sensor Circuit Electronics

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