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Electronics 90 Watt Switching Power Supply

Circuit 90 Watt Switching equalizer schematics Circuit Electronics,
90 Watt Switching Power Supply

Switching equalizer in this article are able to supply power 90 Watt. Switching equalizer series is built directly from an AC network system using special IC MC33374 switching equalizer in the form of High voltage Power Switching regulator and with external components to the other.

IC MC33374 IC is a switching equalizer designed to operate with an AC voltage source and works as a power switching converter with flyback technique. Switching equalizer Series has a 15 volt DC output with current up to 6 Ampere.

90 Watt Switching <a href='http://www.circuitlab.org/search/label/power supply' title='power supply circuits'>equalizer</a> Schematic
90 Watt Switching equalizer Schematic

Series 90 Watt Switching equalizer works by menyearahkan AC source is then used to activate the converter MC33374 system. The output of transformer switching converter MC33374 searahkan again later on as a DC voltage supply to be used for electronic devices.

Schematics for 90 Watt Switching equalizer Circuit Electronics

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