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Electronics Adjustable switching power supply

Circuit Adjustable switching equalizer schematics Circuit Electronics,
Adjustable switching power supply

This circuit supplying current maximum10A with an adjustable output voltage from 0-25 VDC. Adjustable Switching regulator L4970 Series is built with the main component as a Switching regulator IC L4970.

Switching regulator L4970 series include not complicated to make his own, which need to be considered is the IC L4970 require sufficient cooling to operate in an optimal and durable. Adjustable Switching regulator L4970 series are complete can be seen in thethe following figure .

Adjustable switching power supply
Adjustable switching equalizer schematics

To set the output voltage range Adjustable Switching regulator L4970 can be in control by adjusting the potentiometer 18KOhm tus.

Schematics for Adjustable switching equalizer Circuit Electronics

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