Electronics LM3886 | High Performance Audio Power Amplifier | Electronic Circuits

Electronics LM3886 | High Performance Audio Power Amplifier

Circuit LM3886 | High Performance audio Power amplifier schematics Circuit Electronics, LM3886 | High Performance <a href='http://audio.corcuitlab.org' title='audio circuits'>audio</a> Power Amplifier
Audio Power amplifier is an important part in sound reproduction ina sound system. audio Power amplifier with this power IC LM 3886Audio Power amplifier is a highly capable and able to produce68 Watt power avg. 4Ohm load and capable of producing power 38 Watt8Ohm load.

With good sound reproduction capabilities of 20Hz-20kHz also possessed this LM3886 audio Power Amplifier. audio Power amplifier LM3886 Speaker is equipped with protection that will protect the circuit output from over-voltage, under-voltage, over-loads, a short circuit power supply, thermal run-away and the temperature peak. audio Power amplifier LM3886 also equipped with noise reduction that can keep the audio system from noise well.

Schematic power <a href='http://www.circuitlab.org/search/label/amplifier' title='amplifier circuits'>amplifier</a> with LM3886
Schematic power amplifier with LM3886

Feature owned LM3886 audio Power Amplifier

  • 68W cont. avg. output power into 4Ω at VCC = ± 28V

  • 38W cont. avg. output power into 8Ω at VCC = ± 28V

  • 50W cont. avg. output power into 8Ω at VCC = ± 35V

  • 135W instantaneous peak output power capability

  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio ≥ 92dB

  • An input mute function

  • Output protection from a short to ground or to the supplies via internal current limiting circuitry

  • Output over-voltage protection against transients from inductive loads

  • Supply under-voltage protection, not allowing internal biasing to occur Pls | VEE | + | VCC | ≤ 12V, Thus eliminating turn-on and turn-off transients

  • 11-lead TO-220 package

  • Wide supply range 20V - 94V

Application of audio Power amplifier LM3886

  • Stereo audio system

  • Active Speaker

  • High End audio Power TV

  • Suround Power Amplifier

Schematics for LM3886 | High Performance audio Power amplifier Circuit Electronics

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