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Electronics 2 Way - Speaker Crossover circuit

Circuit 2 Way - Speaker Crossover circuit schematics Circuit Electronics,
crossover circuit

The series of crossover is an electronic circuit in which the point to separate the audio sound frequency. objective that only sound with a frequency range that can be accepted speakers are forwarded. less is more like a filter function, so the speakers work optimally.

2 way or 3 way or else, that determines how many channels would be separated voice. Each channel is handled by a single class of speakers. Eg 3 way, the frequency of sound produced by the head unit, separated by crossover as a low freq (big size distinguished speaker better known as the subwoofer), medium freq (medium speakers), usually in the middle) and hi freq (small speakers I would call a tweeter) Let me better sound and reduce noise.

Schematic 2 Way Crossover
Schematic 2 Way Speaker Crossover

Schematics for 2 Way - Speaker Crossover circuit Circuit Electronics

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  1. Hi there,
    Thank you for this circuit. Please post the details about L1 and L2. I mean SWG and diameter of coil and number of turns.